Hyperlocal Travel Advertising.

Your local ad.

Reach travelers wherever they're going, in over 13,000 destinations worldwide.

Travel-related service to sell?

Lodging Superstore advertisers are travel-related service providers. We offer locally-targeted advertising for: car rentals, charter flights, ferries, spas, restaurants, retail, skiing/golf areas, theme parks, cultural attractions, etc. All Lodging Superstore ads compliment, rather than compete with, our inventory of accommodations offerings.

Your brand, seamlessly integrated with our travel destinations

Put your company's message in front of travelers visiting your location. Lodging Superstore's hyperlocal targeting capabilities deliver a tailored campaign across all our 13,000 desintations.

Ad Samples

A few examples that showcase our ability to deliver a tastefully branded and highly-targeted campaign across any of our 13,000+ destinations.

Lodging Superstore can help you market your travel-related service or product, targeted specifically to wherever you're selling it:

· Lift tickets in Lake Tahoe
· Scuba lessons in St. Lucia
· Car rentals in Cape Cod
· Flights to Florence
· Massages in Maui
· Steakhouse in Seattle

With more than 13,000 locations worldwide, whatever travel-related service you have to sell, wherever you are, there's a place for you on Lodging Superstore.

Starts at $25 a month

Our advertising campaigns are sold on a flat-rate, monthly basis to simplify the placement process. Here's three simple steps that help you get started:

Choose your target destination(s).
Your campaign will be priced according to your market selection. Being specific will lower your monthly rate: for example, campaigns broadly targeting the Caribbean are priced higher than a campaign targeting just the U.S. Virgin Islands. The narrower the campaign, the less expensive.

Choose your ad size.
We offer standard display ad sizes throughout our site. We can help customize an ad to fit any of our many available sizes. If you need creative assistance with your ads, we can also help.

Schedule your ad to reserve placement.
You may want to run your ad only during tourist season, holiday months, or year round: you decide. Once your ad is scheduled, it will appear across your targeted desintations.

Targeted traffic, captive audiences

Lodging Superstore's popularity with savvy, in-market travelers assures ready-to-buy traffic other travel websites only dream of. With our sophisticated targeting technology, we guarantee your message reaches interested travelers their destinations and interests.

The Lodging Superstore advantage is simple: travelers who see your ads are poised to purchase, not casual shoppers. Lodging Superstore offers a one-stop shopping experience for customers who plan their trip online. To get started on your campaign, or call us at (877) 833-1555.